pyMaxima-Features (EN)

So 02 Oktober 2016

pyMaxima: Features

  • GU-interface to Maxima

  • pyMaxima-sessions may be saved as text files or as wxMaxima-files (.mac or .wxm). You can edit the text file with any text editor.

  • For printing, pyMaxima-sessions may be exported as HTML files or as TEX files. The TEX files should not be confused with text files.

  • 2D- or 3D-displays may be saved as *.png or as *.eps files.

  • pyMaxima is using pygeo for the 3D-display of the geometry objects as lines, planes or spheres.
    Note: The installation of PyGeo is limited up to Python 2.7
    You have to install the following package, if you are using Python 2.5 to 2.7:
    Many Thanks to the blogger for the update of PyGeo!

  • You can save, load or edit the geometry objects (points, lines, planes or spheres)

  • The pygeo-display may be exported as a python skript

  • pyMaxima supports the following mathematical tools:
    calculus: curve tracing, simple ordinary differential equations, disk-/shell-method for volumes by cross-sections
    probability theory: significance test, confidence intervall, binomial and normal distribution, conditional probability
    coordinate geometry: intersection problems, 3D-display
    matrix operations: transpose or inverse of a matrix, determinant, characteristic polynom, eigenvalue

  • pyMaxima is tested under Linux and Windows

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